Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back from the DEAD: Issue #9

Wow. Still kicking around over here and guess what? For those of you still paying attention, Eric T J just sent us one of the lost issues. Issue #9. You can find the whole thing, as well as a link to a PDF over on his his flickr account.

Thanks for sharing, Eric.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, um... Guanoboy. Hi. My name is Steve and I'm starting up an anarchist publishing house with a couple friends ( I also love NOU, massively. We really really want to put out a collected version of Ulysses Speaks, and you've got the best version we've found so far.

Can I talk to you (or any readers/contributors to this blog) about getting hi-res or original versions of these zines? We can talk on the comments here or you can email me at steve {at} moreweight {dot} net

11:00 PM  

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